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Fati LogoThe fashion world is at times cautious with it's use of color and New York based stylist Fatî Light is no different. When Fatî does use color it has striking results. We thought we'd share some examples with you.

Keep an eye out for her first collection due this fall. Design and Brand shop Kern + Lead was charged with creating her identitiy and has supplied the sneak peak below.

Fati Light

Color Blind Glasses

The Color Blind Web Page Filter

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Color blindness affects a significant number of people , although exact proportions vary among groups. In Australia, for example, it occurs in about 8 percent of males and only about 0.4 percent of females. Isolated communities with a restricted gene pool sometimes produce high proportions of color blindness, including the less usual types. Examples include rural Finland, Hungary, and some of the Scottish islands. In the United States, about 7% of the male population or about 10.5 million men and 0.4% of the female population either cannot distinguish red from green, or see red and green differently.

It is most often of genetic nature, but may also occur because of eye, nerve, or brain damage, or due to exposure to certain chemicals. The English chemist John Dalton in 1798 published the first scientific paper on the subject, "Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colors", after the realization of his own color blindness; because of Dalton's work, the condition is sometimes called Daltonism, although this term is now used for a type of color blindness called deuteranopia.

Color blindness is usually classed as disability; however, in selected situations color blind people have an advantage over people with normal color vision. There are some studies which conclude that color blind individuals are better at penetrating certain camouflages. Monochromats may have a minor advantage in dark vision, but only in the first five and a half minutes of dark adaptation.

Have you wondered what the color blind actually see? The Color Blind Web Page filter allows you to view what a site looks like to people with each type of color blindness.


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